Monday, January 7, 2019

Shadows on the snow....

Have got a spare ten minutes this morning ( according to my self imposed schedule)
I like to start work on the hour or half past.
The title of this post refers vaguely to feeling like there are a lot of shadows lurking around my life just now. The biggest one is missing james. At this time last year i believed he was getting better and i was getting ready to spend 3 months or so in parma helping him to get better. Unknown to me he was actually gravely ill with sepsis  which i didnt know until i arrived in his hospital room and he was unconscious with an oxygen mask on.
On the previous visit we had spoken and made plans for helping him to get better . His prognosis was good. He was going to start standing up and was trying to write 
That's one shadow.
Then there is brexit. Enough said.
Then there are all the other little or big things.... nothing a brain transplant wouldn't fix.
But ....and am working on cheering myself up as i have a cold and i dont like winter and am spending too much time on my own......
So thinking about shadows on snow and its the shadows which make the snow beautiful. Just white is nothing.  Also  my friend says that its neccessary to always put some red in a painting and it certainly stands out well against white and shadows.  So todays  slightly weird, but might work for me plan, is to appreciate the shadows and chose to make some bright red bits in my life.
And as i am working on a big snow painting may incorporate this thinking.
Am posting a small view i did earlier  this week of the snow from my doorstep. 

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