Sunday, September 9, 2012

saturday morning in Pisticci

Its been a while since I wrote a nice relaxed blog about an ordinary morning.
So this was Saturday morning just passed, yesterday in fact!
I had come up to my studio about 8.30am as I had a commission I was working on and I wanted to get it finished. It included a very shiny red sports car which I had left till last as I wasn't all that sure how I would do it.
So having arrived here I decided to go out shopping for food - putting off the evil hour. It was a lovely morning . I jumped on my scooter and headed for the supermarket. I like this particular one (Qui) because apart from being reasonably affordable , the staff are all really friendly. I was taken aback one day when one of the girls at the till asked if I had had my hair cut. (That was way more observant than someone else I can think of)  I like the car park too. There are trees to park under if its hot ,and often one of those cute little cinquecentos which look like you could pick em up and put them in your pocket, parked diagonally in the corner or anywhere else at any angle. I think I would learn to drive for one of these. And they are painted such bright colours too. Sigh!!
Anyways off home I went with more choc ices and other important stuff. But I still had not had a coffee - you know - to wake me up and help me paint more .So not giving myself any time to argue that the time was getting on and I could make coffee myself I sped off again.
Only my two favourite cafes were closed so I went to another one down by the fruit market with the most gorgeous views.  I sat there for a pleasant 15 minutes , took some photos and chatted to the nice guy working there who told me some of the history of the area. I just love that particular view as you look right down over a lot of old roofs with the original tiles and then accross the valley and on to the hills, then the mountains in the distance. Apparently there is a man's hairdresser 2 or 3  doors along where you can get your hair cut and look out over the same view.

Having had my stimulating cup of coffee I dawdled up the corsa margherita and had a look round the chinese shop. Oh what lovely things they have, but I resisted. (Only have 15euros left to end of month so wasn't that hard.)
Decided I should go to the farmacia next and stock up on decongestants. I tell myself I will be much better when I stop eating so much ice cream. While I am waiting in the the queue I hear  drums and trumpets  coming closer. I decide that, having my camera I am obligated to take photos so leave just before it's my turn.
It's a small parade with men in tights and velvet tunics carrying large flags, girls dressed up and playing drums and trumpets and various other people dressed in beautiful outfits just walking or carrying a large banner. They go into the piazza and hang about , so after taking some photos I go back into the farmacia. There is now a bigger queue, but am in no hurry.
By the time I come out the procession has reformed and the guys with the flags do a display of flag throwing, twirling , catching, juggling and dropping.  They are mostly quite young. I take lots of photos trying to get the flags in the air.
After about 20 minutes it is over and they march off loudly back down the corsa.
By this time someone has offered to meet me for a coffee so ,as its's saturday and whatever hurry I was in I am successfully ignoring, I arrange to meet him in the cafe with the lovely view and as he joins me there I am being offered a guided tour of historical basilicata. I really hope this happens as I have seen pitifully little of this area.
Decided I had better have a fruit juice this time as I don't want to be over stimulated . It is a beautiful cafe inside too. There is a balcony on two sides upstairs and a pitched roof with beams. There are lovely old tiles on the floor and a gorgeous antique cupboard right next to where we are sitting.
So after a last stroll up the corsa I go off through the narrow streets to where my scooter is parked. I love scootering in the town, though its neccessary to be alert as you just never know what the other drivers will do. 
What a lovely morning - and now for that red car!
Have added a photo of my flowers outside my door as I am awfully proud that they are still alive. And the three little girls in the drawing thought that if I drew them they would be famous, so I look forward to telling them next time I see them that their drawing has been seen by people from all over the world.