Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ramblings- in a nice way......

I wrote this sprawling on my bed last night as I felt bad about going to bed early. I never seem to feel that I have done enough work during the day..... maybe everybody feels like that..I don't know.
I like lying about and  my internet doesn't work so well at the other side of my house so needed to write this instead of typing.
Actually had my electric blanket on just to add to the cosy atmosphere. The weather has been odd this last two weeks. I had to put socks on and add a fleece earlier in the evening. Don't remember feeling cold in July before. Though I suppose its relative as the temperature is in the 20s and is supposed to average 30c over the next few days.
My life feels a little out of control just now- in a nice way!
Deciding to become more expansive this year seems like a good idea and I have been taking up lots of opportunities and trying new things. I have met loads of people and had many lovely experiences.
From speaking in public in Italian, being a tourist attraction, getting buses to wherever I want, buying my little house, telling people about starting an artist's retreat, painting new subjects and taking a break from being in a relationship.
My life seems to be whirling along at the minute and I am hanging on with a sort of happy, surprised and slightly anxious expression. (I really ought to draw that!)
It seems , while using the story analogy, that my story is rocketing along with a character who is not quite the same as the one who was there at the beginning. Someone who is much more adventurous, more composed and a bit daring - oh yeah!
My little house restoration which I was quite relaxed about as I thought it would be finished in September is probably going to be finished next weekend. It is looking so very much better than I ever thought possible thanks to the people doing the work doing so many extra little things that have made it beautiful instead of merely "done".  I can't quite believe I own such a "work of art". So now I am considering having a little exhibition in it in August. Or anything else I can dream up.
After selling no paintings for two months I have sold five in the last two weeks and have started a series with lots of people in it which I am enjoying doing and am pleased with the results. I have also been painting small paintings of food and drink which I have loved doing.
 I am still going out for coffee most mornings but have now got several cafes to frequent and have met more people to chat to......
I have enjoyed  going along to Pstories  (.   ) and meeting lots of people there who have a real enthusiasm to make life better in this area.  Have met two artists who are spending the summer here doing art in the community.
Above and beyond all this are the people I meet every day on my way  up town, on the way to the bus station, in the supermarket , in the cafes, in the piazza ........
It feels like I have not written very much about Pisticci in this post but in a way it has  been about my Pisticcese experience which has helped me to become  " a more interesting character in my story".
Next post will hopefully be the story of how my little house became something beautiful.
In the meantime if any arty, writery, creative people think they would benefit from some time spent in Pisticci  and perhaps become a more interesting person in their own story,
pisticci from the church near my studio

my little artist's retreat before work started

my studio one evening last week

first in my series of people paintings

this painting is in  ristorante Pasticci in cucina

painting area. think iI have a lizard living on my door

an apple cornetto from grancafe malena

dolce from bar pisticci
then email me at  and I will give you the details about spending time in my little house.Am not planning to advertise widely as I figure once it gets started then word of mouth will be enough.
See you soon in Pisticci???