Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Back to Pisticci..................

After my cheap trip to Malta, then Scotland and home via Florence - fueled by peanut butter sandwiches ( and wine and chocolate) and free meals from my loving family , I arrived back in Pisticci by ten hour train journey ( surprisingly pleasant).
I was worried that my house would look very scruffy and damp after the lovely places I had stayed, but apart from being a bit cold it looked pretty friendly and full of character and ..... home. Poor house , it has had a hard winter being insulted and battered but  after a few touch ups with white paint it looked ok and fingers crossed that there will be no more heavy rain so the boxes spread along the gutter where the new leaks are won't be needed until I have saved up enough money to have it put back to how it was before the builders. When summer is on the way it's easier to be optimistic.
I got straight to work on several commissions and have been trying to paint two paintings at a time to make up the time when I couldn't work. It has been an interesting process and I may carry on as it is quite a helpful way to work.
Going away helped me relax after the stress of the previous few months and I am beginning to feel more like myself again - and not a scared, angry, stressed , helpless idiot. (thank goodness)
So has been lovely to be back and enjoying going for coffee, going for walks, taking part in the digital invasion in Tursi,  yoga in Marconia, chatting to people, taking photos, painting, and having my home back. And getting my "happy" back.
happy artists in tursi

having a wonderful time in tursi

double flower painting

more flowers
my scooter getting ready for summer with new red seat.