Friday, December 13, 2013

Hurray - the blue skies are back and the world is the right way up again.....

I like to read the previous post before I start so that I don't repeat myself and was thinking how ironic it was that after all my complaints about the rain - cyclone neptune had  still to arrive.. I was very fortunate as apart from even more musical plinks and plonks as water dripped into boxes in the attic and nearly running out of towels to stuff under doors to keep the torrential rain out, my house and me seem to have survived more or less ok. There were floods and landslides in various areas nearby and a big LIDL store sank into the ground at one side.
However after all that the sun came back. Obviously the sky has run out of rain now- well it's a nice thought!
And I have found a great yoga class with the teacher I liked very much when I went before,  a lovely group of people and am now as flexible as a piece of string but failing miserably at standing on one leg. ( The class is held in TILT the centro regionale per la creativita di pisticci - which does all sorts of things from showing films, holding classes on computing, playing a harp and  countless other things.. and I am looking forward to doing other activities there hopefully in the future.)
Today I have been outside most of the day as I have finished my last commission before Christmas and it was warmer outside than in my studio - but am not going to moan about the cold.
I have had a lovely day and time.......
view from dirupo on way to centre

want to paint this sometime


stairway to piazza san rocco

looking over dirupo

all the shops have red carpets at their doors. I love it.

piazza umberto primo

met the artist who made these out of recycled stuff.

my decorated door. (what a lovely reflection)

my other decorated door. (first time)

hurray for sunshine

lots of my plants are flowering

my cute letter box

decorated studio
 to take as many photos as I wanted so here is a photographic report of Pisticci today looking as beautiful as ever..........