Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Digital Invasions................

A  lot of Digital Invasions have happened around and in Pisticci this last weekend. 
(A digital invasion is like a guided tour of interesting things in your town, including churches, buildings, walls, skateboards,etc and having someone talk about each one on location. All this is videoed , photographed, recorded and shared on social media as much as possible. It's like a sort of unusual digital tourist guide made by all the invaders.)
It was fun to be on - and take part in. 
I think it's as well told in photos........( Some of these photos are mine and thanks to all the other people who shared their photos on facebook, some of which I have used.)
the invaders in Pisticci - via sterbini

listening to how a wall has special significance for the lucania film festival
(the green door is the door of my new  house)

view from the chiesa immacolata concezione


when the invasion was completed

the special wall of the lucania film festival.

the symbol of the invaders......

tree planting invaders

completed my part

My story in a painting. I spoke in Italian. Then I hope Luigi translated my "Italian" into Italian

the people have a passion for Pisticci

lots of people took part.

Invaders on my bench

It didn't rain .... and the sun broke through on the mountains
 this is Tursi, where due to the fact that I was painting I was not able to take so many photos........
this was near where I was painting. even on a dull day it was gorgeous.

even the rain could'nt spoil it

I hadn't time to finish this before it rained but I will get it done

there were lots of people........

this church has particular significance because of its arabic origins which is why I was painting it.