Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2 paintings went for a walk in Pisticci

Have not been able to concentrate very well while the sale of the country house has been progressing like some kind of demented roller coaster, but now that the compromesso di vendita has been signed it feels like I can relax as now things are in order. (This may not be the case as there is the little matter of partner buying another house and moving everything out still to come, but I am having a lull!)
So life here has been a little hectic (enormous understatement) . I am now living almost full time in my studio and have increased my flowers outside so that it almost looks like a garden. I am so pleased with the flowers I have to go out on a regular basis and admire them. I never really grew anything before so am amazed at how good they look at the moment. And I have also moved in all my stuff from the country house- I feel like a happy little snail in its shell when I am here.
I have been painting up till this week and have a drawing all ready to paint on my easel - but today more plants arrived so haven't quite got round to  picking up my brushes.
In the spirit of procrastination - and also cause I missed my painting which I had put in the cafe of wladimiro I thought I would swap it with my latest one of Pisticci. The one in the cafe was a view from the end of my street.
I set off up town with large painting in one hand and camera in the other and on the way it occurred to me that it might be quite fun to make like I was taking a painting for a walk. (There is always the free advertising I get while walking about)
So these are the photos. (The people of Pisticci may be thinking I was more than normally eccentric today but they were all too polite to say so. In one photo where the painting is leaning up against a water fountain you can't see the builders who were looking on in amazement.)
view of pisticci from Dirupo

Dirupo from higher up

the painting in front of the scene I painted

the painting was just out of sight - such a pretty view

on the way to the piazza san rocco

where I always stop to admire dirupo (and catch my breath)

the special view over to the mountains

in the piazza umberto primo. nearly there.

hanging on the wall in the cafe.

that is the cafe in the background

stopped off for another coffee - really should have had a cake too.

bought 2 more plants at the flower shop.

took the back road

the builders were watching me take this photo. I love this little piazzetta

there are so many interesting places

can see the chiesa madre in the background

nearly home again in Dirupo

painting  in front of the view I painted

just for fun I put it in a very ornate frame.
Just got home before it rained .