Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Nice thoughts from my doorstep

Have been sitting on the doorstep having breakfast.
It's one of my favourite places to be. I am screened from the street by flowers and a large picture frame carefully positioned and draped with net curtain , fake ivy and pink plastic flowers. Despite the description it blends in really well with all the real flowers.
(I think there is something funny and interesting about mixing a few fake flowers in with the genuine plants. )
It's may, so most of my flowers are blooming.
When I look towards the valley I am looking through a mixture of Rosebush and climbing shrub  mixed in with most vivid red geraniums and some basil
I look over the top of the lavender bushes which are strangely soothing. Just beyond it I can see the top of a little Christmas tree which someone gave me at my first art exhibition in my little artists house and later I planted it. It seems to like living here.
I can just see the bluey hills in the distance through the branches of the big tree at the end of the street.
It is a beautiful tall tree which stands up tu the most violent winds by bending this way any that. Presently it has new reddish orange leaves.
It is behind the little white house which is actually only a wall with about 3 rows of higgeldy piggeldy tiles left on top.if it wasn't there I would be seeing the sea in the distance.
I am very proud and amused by the little statue which stands beside me holding my coffee cup. It makes me feel I am being waited upon.
This morning it's peaceful.....just cars and bells and strimmers and people talking and birds singing....

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