Wednesday, April 1, 2015

thinking of giving up already........ a bit tired and it's only 8am. I didn't realise that there would be so much work to do in getting my artist's retreat ready for Sunday. As soon as I finish this I am off to buy more paint and then paint the last coat of paint upstairs.
Yesterday was filled with painting and cleaning and arranging  and sewing . It was a lovely sunny day and it was very enjoyable but following on from the previous day when I  had to come back in the evening and then put my studio in order as some of my furniture had been moved to the other house , it was a lot slower pace.
Want to make sure I don't get much slower today..... but is definitely getting there.
Am getting some logs delivered to "artfully" decorate the fireplace and another chest for storage ( and because it looks nice)
My artistic  interior decorator/ restorer and next door neighbour is away for 2 days so I will be doing all the little fiddly bits and making sure all the bedding is clean etc.
The downside of my artist's retreat looking so beautiful is that my studio looks scruffy and not so good in comparison which means I now feel that I will have to get started on cleaning and painting here too. I forsee a busy weekend.
(How is my excuse for missing yesterdays 500 words sounding so far?)
As I have now 2 outstanding commissions to paint I would like to get all the house work done before I start work next week on painting.
It is nice that it is spring and the sun is shining in he windows but all the shadows on the walls in my studio are actually damp or mould patches. It was not noticeable before - in the corners or up high where the light didn't reach. But this is a normal problem here and painters and decorators will be seen everywhere over the next 2 months. The houses here were built when it was much drier in this area and in the summer they are cool and dry but in the winter even
getting there.....
the best insulated and heated ones still have problems.
So I have discovered painting with a roller. Oh what fun- and this is what should make fixing my studio less of a chore. I painted the whole of the upstairs floor in about 30 minutes yesterday so fixing up my house ( It really needs replastered and all sorts done- which is not happening.) with several coats of paint and some energetic cleaning and  throwing out of everything I can bear to part with  should be possible over the weekend.
Then it's back to semi- normal on Tuesday.
Must go and buy more paint now. Apologies for wittering on in a tired manner.... but might be back later after all........

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