Monday, February 20, 2012

30 days in Pisticci

It is actually my 32 nd day today. I never was very good at arithmetic. I am sitting in my little study/bedroom with a "relaxing tisane" because it is just after 4pm and I always have one then.

That is one of the things I have particularly enjoyed about staying here, that is making up my own pleasant little routines. I only do yoga by candlelight now. And I make peanut butter in a coffee grinder most days. I shut the shutters about 6pm every evening. I pull the curtain across the doorway of my study/bedroom just after that. I listen to radio scotland while I make breakfast.
Don't think that after all that I have had my days organised because that just doesn't happen. Possibly I like doing these things because the  rest of the time is so unorganised.
Since I wrote the last post, the weather changed and we had snow for about a week. I had n't thought to bring boots so I was obliged to put plastic bags over my socks and then trainers on top. There were some days I couldn't go out at all. The snow was fun for the first day and I built a snowman outside my door, but after the 3d or 4th day it got a bit tedious and quite dangerous.
One day I ran out of gas, the water went off and snow started melting on the roof and dripped through into the attic. I got into siege mentality and had contingency plans for lack of electric, gas, water and phone. It was a little scary. And my attitude of If I can cope with this I can cope with anything, got a little overused.
So far not more than 2 things have been off at once.
It was an adventure and just staying warm when there is ice on the inside of the windows , only one portable gas heater  and you have so many clothes on you hardly bend , takes up a lot of energy.
But it is better now and the forecast for saturday is 17c.
I managed to finish a second painting of 4 musicians, which was a great effort due again to my lack of arithmetical skills. I was using several photos of different people and making them all appear to be in the same street at the same time. It took me literally a week and a lot of redrawing and stomping to get a system that could get everyone in proportion. Of course it could have been that my brain was frozen!
Since the weather got better again I have been able to get out and have been for some lovely walks and met lots of interesting people who I subjected to my italian. I even met one of the people in my painting and had a late night out with live music. (brilliant)
I am in love with my little studio, despite its heating inadequacies. It's gorgeous and every minute I have spent here has been  a joy. I have rushed out in the mornings to take photos of the sun rising at the end of my street. Last night I was lying on my back outside taking photos of the sky. I have a lovely colourful photo of my studio the first day the sun came back after the snow. I have my painting area organised with good lighting so I can work in the evenings. (I don't need light during the day as it is right by the window.) My little study with a furry throw on the bed, the curtain across the doorway  and heater at the bottom of the steps is like a warm little nest. When I light candles and do yoga its like I  have gone back in time. And every night before I switch off the lights in the other part(not heated at all) I long for summer so I can be in there too.
Tomorrow I partly go back to my old life living in the country and working in the studio, but it won't ever be the same again and I forsee a lot of things happening which will mean I have to stay here as often as possible.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

walked for miles and still no chocolate!!

this is the pink brick road that goes almost vertically up.

figs of india ,still growing in february

Signs of spring

stopped to take a breather and admire the view.

lovely old building  (and the door on the right has a for sale sign)

when I can get to the top of this without being out of breath I will know I am fit!

It looks old, I don't know what it is. pretty stonework.

on way down to superrmarket

this little house is for sale too. you are seeing the top of it as there are 2 floors on the next street.

 my house is over the other side of the hill. and the supermarket is shut!!!

now I need to go up these stairs

lovely scooter.

pretty church

great old ape' and owner

another breather, another view.

the street leading to the big church

nearly home again

back home , lots of exercise, no chocolate.

this was taken this morning. wind from siberia is not visible!
I set out to go for a walk  because it was too cold inside and the sun had come out briefly after a very cold morning. . When  I got to the top of the hill I decided I would go to the only supermarket that stays open all day  and get some chocolate. I like a walk with a purpose, and the supermarket was some distance away.
On arriving It was shut! It was not only me who had been caught out, but I was the only person who had just walked for 30 minutes to get there!
However I had my camera,  so strolled back and caught the owner of the ape just about to get into it. He told me to take the photo! So I did. I love ape's.
Now am feeling very virtuous , and found some more chocolate in the cupboard so all's well.