Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 and my life as a story....................

It has taken me ages to get round to writing this post due to being a bit ill, wondering what to write about, having said it all on twitter and facebook ( therefore repeating myself) and possible general idlesness. It was Christmas after all........
Ho Hum.......
Thing is - and its the beginning of another year , so am thinking about stuff- the title of this blog , which I made up without much thought is proving to be so accurate/descriptive/so much more clever than I intended.
That is because in my head I am so constantly surprised to be here - In Pisticci.
If someone had said when i was 30 - Anne you will be living in a beautiful little Italian town in the south of Italy, working as an artist with your own  beautiful little house and studio and gallery(sort of). you will be speaking Italian ,(badly- and still doing it despite that- not hiding in a corner too embarrassed  to say anything because its not correct.) You will have sold paintings in france, germany, italy, sweden , australia, canada, south africa,, scotland - around 500 of them in all. You will have met the friendliest people - if not in the world- at least  way more friendly and welcoming and generous than you ever dreamed was possible. You will be in touch with people on the internet ( lots of artists) in a friendly fashion from as as far away as the yukon , usa, france, germany- everywhere. Almost every day something funny or interesting or crazy will happen and this will be normal. You will be riding a scooter around town with your handbag swinging on the handlebar and wearing sequins on your clothes as often as possible. You will be drinking espressos (I didnt really like coffee) - minimum of 2 a day and a really smart restaurant will be decorated with your paintings. You will have a space in a bar where you always have a painting and be stopped in the street, in a cafe, in a restaurant , anywhere and asked to paint something or somebody. And you will- after all this eventually actually be able to be pleased with most of your paintings and appreciate that the gift you have is good enough and that spending the rest of your life getting even better would be the best fun you could possibly have.
Well, trust me I would have laughed at the person who told me all that. It would have sounded like a fairy story.
But here I am - and here is some of the photographic evidence that it really happened.
summer scootering outfit

my little gallery

have always loved velvet and bright colours

my doorway looking lovely

new bag- with sequins

my street and my washing- sold!

christmas  with AVIS in piazza

beach on christmas day

my studio- always wanted to paint interiors

my scooter

one tiny part of beautiful pisticci

posing with the past!

my favourite view