Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September- bits n pieces

Ho hum, what to write.......
Could start with a cute little kitten called Korky who is staying for a little holiday...
Korky was abandoned by his mum in the country and in the process of rescuing him in the long grass his owner got bitten by a viper - twice- and had to go to hospital. ( Is quite well now)
I am looking after him for a week or so and have never had a kitten before. I bought him a little tartan bed and a big furry dog and he is asleep at the minute underneath the dog. I sort of stayed in for a couple of days as I felt sorry for the poor little thing incase he was lonely. I painted with him sitting on my knee and when I sat - or sit- at the computer he lies on my legs and intermittently chews my arms. I did buy him a rubber shoe but my arm must taste better,
Today I went out to pay bills and search for my water bill (long story!) and then hurried back incase he was missing me.....oh dear!
He is very funny and seems to like playing in among my books. I expect this is because he is very intelligent but I could be wrong.
I also shared a bottle of wine with him. I tied a bit of string on to the cork and it swings from the back of a chair. I drank the wine.
I can't really have a cat as there is no one to look after it when I am away but it is kind of nice to come in and shout "Hi, I am back" to  to someone other than my teddy bear.
Am surviving the lack of really hot weather so far. Partly because there was some really hot weather - over 30c- and also I have enjoyed wearing clothes that are not merely to keep cool in - and no more problems thinking that my legs are too white. Even today - when the temp. is only 20 plus - I didn't need  a jacket to walk up town so it is pleasantly warm still.
But mainly I have been so busy with painting and kitten care I have not noticed it getting gradually cooler. I was cold in the evenings  about a week ago and tried to put my gas heater on only to discover it's not working, but as I was going to get it checked out that was not so big a deal. However when I went to the shop to ask if they could fix it I was met with a horrified expression and told it was too early and to come back next week or the week after. I haven't felt cold in the evenings since then!! I don't dare..
And then......
My scooter is not working. It might be the battery - but it won't start and it always takes me a few days to stop thinking maybe it will just start the next time, before I finally go do something about getting it fixed. (Getting it fixed is complicated.) So,

so far I am telling myself how good it is that i will now get some exercise one the one hand -and what if there is an emergency and I have no transport on the other. The joys of being a procrastinator...
That is probably enough wittering on for today and I will now find some photos of the kitten and some old buildings which I saw when I was walking home the long way with my shopping - getting exercise/minus scooter.
I forgot about the misty morning. It was so beautiful. Because Pisticci is on top of a hill it felt like being in a magical city surrounded by clouds or an island in the sea.And when I looked out towards the sea the mist was like the sea coming towards me. Weird and gorgeous.
And now if you want to read about and see some of the paintings I have been busy with all last month on #paintseptember  I will be posting them on http://bellabasilicata.wordpress.com and http://studiobasilicata.wordpress.com