Saturday, December 20, 2014

my life as a story becoming more fantastical - or maybe just had very quiet previous life!

Since the last post I have taken part in a joint exhibition in my artist's retreat where more than 300 people dropped by- that is pretty good for an out of the way house. And may even have started a fashion for exhibitions  at home.
Then I had a housewarming party with a musician and a cocktail maker. My house looked gorgeous decorated with candles and red flowers ( whose name I can't remember)  I got the internet put in my artist's retreat- and decided to live there in january and february when I have no guests.
Then  I have two sets of guests over christmas and new year.
Am invited out on christmas eve and then to a christmas service.
The commune put christmas lights on my house.
I am invited to take part in a craft feste on the 29th of december.
I am not going to be an extra in Ben Hur- but i might be going to be a princess in a carriage in Pisticci.
And next years new years resolution is to travel................
And that is the very, very short version of the last 6 weeks. Next year have plans to expand this blog.
Now for the photos- in no particular order as not quite got the hang of this yet.
And I have so enjoyed painting Dirupo white. today was the last time this year and we were accompanied by accordion music. I will miss it.
2 white beauty painters- this is actually the back of my house!

music while we painted- surreal
 a one legged alien- no its me!
These were so tiny. I painted them for someone's presepe
dirupo at night with all the new lights

got christmas lights from the commune on my house too.

musician at my housewarming

near my house- so pretty

painted this scene 3 times

sandra langston - artist
maria grazia tarulli - artist

anne parker- artists  ( we did the exhibition together)

Pisticci from the little church. my artist's retreat is in the middle

more lights in dirupo.

paintings all back in my little gallery at my studio.

our exhibition poster.