Tuesday, April 12, 2016


What a gorgeous place to sit.I seem to like boats. Especially wooden ones. Old ones. Colourful ones.
There is a beautiful turquoise one with  yellow red and green mouldings in front of me. Must be traditional.  I can now see another one similar.
It's  kind of wondrous.
The water is blue , green and yellow. There are some lovely old buildings squeezed in between big modern hotels.
Now that I look again there are a lot of these colourful boats and one is heading out  of the bay. I wonder where it's going...
As a tourist I am a bit of a disappointment . I am living on peanut butter and banana sandwiches  so restaurants don't make any money from me. I can't  afford any organised trips  or the entry price to old buildings and even in coffee shops buying only an espresso elicits a slightly weary look from behind the bar .all the cakes and pastries stay where they are.
However as a person I am having  a wonderful time. So many beautiful things to look at .the weather is lovely. My accommodation exceeds anything I expected by miles.  I have walked miles and enjoyed going on local buses when I got tired.
It's possible I could come back when I have caught up with my lost earnings as my flight from bari was less than 20 euros.
Tomorrow I think I may just get on a local bus and supplied with peanut butter and banana sandwiches  will see where it takes me. I will have my writing book but probably not my sketch book - too chicken!
But I wonder if thus will be one of the most memorable moments of my trip, just sitting here enjoying being alive........and the shadows on the water are kind of entrancing too.......

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mini Malta blog

Have not tried blogging using my phone before. Could really do with a screen twice this size.
Anyways, I am in Malta doing a detour on way to Scotland as it was a very cheap flight.
I am staying in a gorgeous house in a lovely Street and my airbnb host could not be nicer.
Today I went to Valletta on the local bus and wandered around for while. I made sure to keep the  main street in view as didn't want to get lost. It was very pretty.I would go back.
After coming back to the house and falling asleep I thought going for a walk before dark would be good so I strode off purposefully  and got lost. I retraced my steps and was still lost so managed to find a bus with a name I recognised on it and found my way back.I still  don't understand  how I got so confused.
So sitting having a glass of wine writing this and feeling very lucky.
Can't quite work out how to add photos from my phone.......