Monday, July 15, 2013

End of an era, beginning of something new.........

I have been waiting till the country house sale was completed till I wrote this. On the 10th of July the documents were signed (eventually- long story!) and hopefully now the new owners can look forward to lots of good times there and we can remember it fondly while getting on with the next part of our lives.
Now I am officially living in my studio (There is a new country house being restored and renovated)
I have wanted to live in Pisticci for a long time - because although I like the country -I wanted to see what it felt like to be part of the community in town.
It is pretty good.
I like being woken up by the bells of the Chiesa Madre playing a tune at 6.30am, I like having neighbours to say buon giorno to, and I like going to the local shop which is now my local shop. And lots more.
I have just got the bench which used to sit outside the country house and along with a lot of plants and flowers it has made my house look even more lovely.
Today I am writing this while the plumber is plumbing in the washing machine. I think when that is done I will feel even more settled here. The plumber is not actually present at the moment as he disappeared a while ago to get a longer tube/ hose or something similar. hopefully he will be back soon.....
It is good for my work being in town as for the last year or so people have come to me to commission or buy paintings and I find the extra time in the evenings is great to catch up with myself .
To be honest I don't miss scootering in the country past dogs jumping out at me.
I think town life suits me.
opening ceremony for new seat complete with pink ribbon

prosecco with friends

hurray, jane and jimmy made it to pisticci

getting a ride with neighbour from new country house

weird weather in afternoons

am very pleased with this painting in Dirupo

an old photo of the old house, Bye.