Saturday, January 15, 2011

naked woman in toilet

this is absolutely true. at first i thought it was a picture of marilyn monroe covering the floor of the most interesting , bizarre, weird, artistic and just down right odd toilet i have ever been in. but the second time, i just had to see it again incase i had dreamed it, i realised that to dry my hands at the electric blower i would be obliged to stand on her er naked chest! she virtually stretched in a sort of curled up position from the toilet to the wash hand basin on a red glossy background.

on opening the door to enter , it was like going into some sort of medieval cave. it was shaped like a cocoon and the walls were plastered in large curved crescents and painted metallic grey. there was a delicate chain mail screen partly screening the toilet and another one underneath the wash basin which was actually a large rectangular greenish glass box surrounded literally by flowers. i have a feeling that there were several mirrors on the door, which was also painted metallic grey and some decorations on the walls.

another unusual feature of this italian toilet was that it had, a lock on the door, toilet paper, soap and a dryer that worked. usually there is at least one of these things missing.

and this toilet was not in some odd night club or s and m club ( not that i have actually ever been in either!) but in a perfectly nice little cafe in matera. its called the tiffany bar and is not far from the piazza.

now i am inspired to do something radical and ourageous with my shower room in my studio.

( painting is of sunday morning in matera)

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