Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas and now a new year in Pisticci

Last time I wrote this was before Christmas and such a lot has happened since then............since this is My life as a story ,then Pisticci is the background and the stage setting.
One of the local  organisations  put on a very good living nativity in my locality. There were also acrobats, fire eaters, a little pony, some sheep and various other activities and  traditional food. (The sheep was not seen after the first night and the second night there was a lamb stew but, I don't think it was connected!
 I spent Christmas eve with friends and then we went to the church service. That is the first time I have ever been here. It was interesting and quite different, lots of incense and singing, and some processing and it was Christmas day when we came out. ( and Igot stopped and asked about doing a painting.)
I walked home by myself at 1am and I think for a lot of people the night was only starting.
It was a beautiful evening.
In between Christmas and New year I had guests staying in my Arthouse. It turned really cold(-5C) and I had to use all the various methods of heating I possessed . The electric blanket was my saving grace. It was lovely to have American guests who appreciated the beauty of Pisticci.
At the same time I was part of an evening with food and drink and things traditional. I had been going to have a small exhibition under a gazebo but instead was organised into Vincenzo's house - next door to my Arthouse where several neighbours helped out with lighting, pieces of furniture and keeping the log fire going. The log fire was wonderful- I think quite a few people came in to get out of the cold. It was a gorgeous evening where the kindness of people was really the best thing. (Did I mention the prosecco and the pizza....) I sold some paintings again  which I enjoyed but the social part was even better.
New year.was great. I went out to take photos of the fireworks which seemed to be all round the town and got invited into a neighbours for cake and prosecco.
On New years day evening I went to a concert with my american guests in a most beautiful setting. The music was amazing.
It is nice to be back to "normal" now but even that is interesting. Last week I went to learn about what a cupa cupe is and how to make one. This week am planning to go hear some  local fairytales.
And Dirupo is getting more and more white thanks to the White Beauty Painters- of whom there are more every week.
I would very much like to invite others to come and visit Pisticci and spend some time enjoying a break from busy and stressful lives.
lovely red stove in the corner

ready for next guests

misty morning looking over dirupo

working on painting Pisticci white

you could have this much fun!!!!

thought this was a brilliant photo

one of my favourite views of Pisticci

my street in january

I loved these crazy trees and their shadows

gospel choir at the nativity. ( they were very good)

one of the many soldier/guides

nativity scene 

keeping cosy over christmas

exhibition in vincenzo's house

-5C in via custoza

snowy dirupo

(On that subject , I have now installed a large pellet stove in my Arthouse so that it will be cosy in winter. ) I decided not to live in it - despite the  temptation of the stove  as it was just too  complicated and I have too much work thanks to the 2 exhibitions and am hoping that maybe if I have enough guests this year maybe I will get a very large cosy stove in my studio for next year..........maybe....