Monday, April 22, 2013

foggy, rainy day (colourful things)

It is possible to have a rainy , foggy day here in Pisticci, but who wants to hear about it.. Its like the colour is washed out - everything is grey and even the flowers seem to have lost some colour.
So I am inside enjoying my new home in my studio.(temp has nearly reached 20c inside)
Its nice to be surrounded by all my "stuff", most of which I have acquired  in Italy.
A lot of it has a story attached - such as the two large orangey velvet covered armchairs which were bought at an antiques market in Grottaglie and travelled home on the roof of the car. Or  the old school desk which was going to be thrown out, or the furniture from WOTJAMESMADE . Completely unique and made by a genius!!
Then there is the wine and gold cover I bought in Turkey the first time I went on holiday by myself and the chair I brought from scotland and left out in the sun till the paint all fell off.
There is an antique easel I bought at an antiques market - which doesnt work  very well and canvases fall off regularly.
There are two little padded chairs which were in the studio when I bought it.
There are also some nice old pieces of Italian furniture - maybe not antiques but old nonetheless. And my gorgeous red and orange bedcover hanging on the wall which I bought when I went to get a wardrobe. The same people gave me my kitchen chairs.
The dresser was bought at a street market in Montalbano and brought home on the roof of the car. It's painted now in a distressed fashion- or just not very well!
It's quite colourful inside even on a foggy dismal day.
And last , but not least - my computer chair which I bought new, was used as a racing chariot by some friends, and which I have just covered using and old pair of trousers and a stapler.
Decided to add my favourite poppy photo to add to the colourful theme and finally a very bright meal I made recently.
Aha I think I see the sun.................