Friday, June 12, 2015

fantastic " forget my birthday "holiday

After much thought I have decided to let the photos tell the story. (I took enough of them)
setting off for what I thought would be 4 days of solitude in a house in a wood.very glad I was completely wrong.

spent a couple of hours looking  round Sasso di Castaldo with Ester,s dad who made a great guide.

there were some beautiful stone houses- you would need to visit to appreciate as photos  only scrape the surface.

view from up the hill, looking over some of the old part of the town.

fantastic flowers. I loved the colours of the houses too.

my lovely red room

with en suite shower room

 had breakfast with homemade cake outside every morning

part of the lovely big garden surrounding the house.

me looking very surprised at receiving a card and flowers from my family - thanks to Ester.

sat outside in the garden and wrote about everything that happened. lovely quiet place to listen birds, and just chill.

used to sit beside the fire in the evenings and chat and drink wine

my surprise-very delicious birthday cake made by Ester

my favourite wall painting in satriano

strange and interesting.........

a pretty corner in satriano

no idea what this was but I liked it

having fun with the paintings. 

more paintings

there is an adventure behind this photo.............

il Rifugio stellata - think I spelled that correctly

the remains of my birthday cake before I ate it for breakfast
had lunch in the sunshine in the garden on my birthday then 2 hours later violent hailstones, thunder and lightening

waiting for the train home from Potenza