Friday, June 14, 2013

a tour

I  made this little video this morning just to see if I could.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Brave and Adventurous day

Am sitting at my computer in my studio. It is early evening and the church bells have just stopped ringing. I have a glass of wine and am relaxing after a busy and - for me- exciting day.
It all started when I got up and decided to try on my swimsuit and thought I was looking at a ghost. So am  now testing out fake tan wipes from Poundland, ( my favourite shop in Perth - and the one I can afford!) I have also got (From poundland) fake tan remover - have no desire to be orange!
All day have been pulling up my trouser leg to see if anything has happened. I think I have gone from white to cream coloured.
Anyways that started my day off well and after a sustaining breakfast of two hardboiled eggs mashed up with mayonaise and then followed by a banana I made plans.
You know what they say - at least in scotland- the best laid plans etc.
I considered going to the beach as I thought I might have to go to Tinchi for petrol. (garage in Pisticci is still closed) If I went as far as Tinchi then maybe I should just go that bit further to the beach. So made up my beach stuff and shoved it in a rucksack.
I set off  and almost immediately wished I didn't have to go as it was so windy. Great gusts of wind were making it difficult for me to keep to the side of the road. by the time I had got the petrol I just wanted to get home in one piece. I was obliged to stop at the chinese shop and buy a beach bag to calm my poor shattered nerves. It was not long after that , when I noticed that I couldn't see very well in my mirror and when I tried to adjust it - the whole handlebar rotated. OOPS - not good!  However i arrived home at the studio and without giving myself time to think/worry I set off for one of the men's clubs (Circolo) where a nice young man has fixed my scooter before- I also thought I had a semi flat tyre, my lights didn't work and the battery was flat. Tend to put things off. I think I had been so scared on my windy ride that going to the circolo didn't seem such a big deal. (I dont't think women go in them normally)
Luckily the guy was standing outside and I told him what was wrong  and left it with him.
First deliberate brave thing done.
on way to bus station

view of the half houses.

can't resist oleanders

the bus station

the park in marconia

looking towards the piazza in marconia

view from the bus stop

back home

this morning in my street

this morning looking towards terrevechia
.( wobbling to Tinchi and back was more adventurous)
Second brave thing was to go to the bus station and ask when I could get a bus to Marconia. Nothing brave about that you might think but , for me I hate not knowing and being embarrassed, and as usual there was no one there , then a guy drove up on a motorbike and asked what I wanted and he seemed to know all about the buses. I already had a timetable from the internet but from previous experience its better to ask a person. Anybody living in Italy will probably know this too.
So I went off with time of bus?
After a quick curried lunch I walked to the other side of Pisticci to the bus station. And I still don't know if I got on the right bus but a nice girl ushered me on and it went to Marconia. I was so nervous of going on buses as I didn't know if you had to buy a ticket in advance or pay on the bus or what. My only other experience on a bus was going to Matera where I got on the bus, it went to Pisticci Scalo, where I got off the bus , bought my ticket in what looked like someone's house and then got back on the bus.
I should have mentioned I had a student in Marconia , with an exam coming up so I really wanted to go.
And I managed to get the bus back to Pisticci with a little help from several people. and was so jazzed up by the whole trip that when everyone got off and on to the "town" bus I thought "what the heck" and got on too. I was a little motivated by the thought of the 20 minute walk back home. It was great. I got off near my house and I felt brilliant. I think being naturally timid gives me a lot of opportunities to be brave (by my standards) and today I braved the wind, the circolo and the bus. So tomorrow what will I do?????