Tuesday, January 11, 2011

can a new desk really make me a good blogger?

i have a new desk in the corner of the living room. its an old italian table with 2 drawers which j has restored and its very pretty. i have taken a photo of it sitting there with the table lamp and my italian dictionary and papers organised on it , and my lap top. it looks , i think, like the desk of someone who could write interesting things, who has good taste and style and likes corners. the pictures on the wall are not mine but maybe i will change them so that then it will be the corner of an artistic blogger. am sure that will help.

or is all this just part of the fantasy i am creating, and always have, cause its more fun than the reality.

i remember years ago desperately wanting a trug because i believed that if i had one, i already had the big straw hat, i would be a better gardener. ( i think a trug is a sort of flat basket for carrying flowers in and i never did get one- and i gave up on gardening.)

i really believe that having a scooter makes me a more interesting person, and calling my little house in town a studio with a small gallery makes it easier to believe i am an artist.

its certainly more fun going to my studio on my scooter than walking to my little scruffy, damp, leaky (freezing right now) one roomed house where the draughts whistle through all the gaps in the doors along with the dust, bits of plaster fall off the roof when the wind blows ( inside) and the plumbing leaves a lot to be desired.

to be fair in the summer its cool and dusty and all these other things.

but i go up there all the time cause its my studio.

and then there are clothes . when i wore my new fake fur outrageous leopard skin coat ( bought second hand at a market) to go out for dinner i felt like an artist. i teamed it with a grey thermal hat with a torch like a miners lamp on it so i certainly shone out. ( we had to walk along in the dark)

so can having a lovely new desk, instead of using someone else s table make me a better blogger.?

cant help but notice that after having been stuck all week for anything to say i have actually got started again.

any comments welcome, suggestions gratefully received and encouragement badly needed!!

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