Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sogni sospesi, suspended dreams

this is a first for me to post a video.
its a short interview on an italian tv station about the exhibition i took part in last week.
Perhaps I am a "right saddo", but I am really excited about this. On lots of levels.
firstly , as grannyanny, I have got a portrait of my granddaughter on Italian tv. I think that gives me several brownie points on the good granny scale.
then as an artist , even though it wasnt obvious which paintings belonged to which artist, 2 of my paintings were shown on tv.
then on the "being part of something scale" it feels good to have been part of a group.
and finally on " My life as a story" how could I ever have imagined that I would ever have been painting , living in Italy, being in an exhibition, and then having it shown on tv. how unbelievable is that!
other than all that its been a busy week. gorgeous weather most of the time and my life as a story is just racketing along............

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  1. Fantastic. Just come across this lovely bog that transports me back to your wonderful country. Looking forward to hearing future updates. Good luck