Monday, June 20, 2011

ciao bella

(Some painting opportunities in Pisticci)

I just love being greeted , by "Ciao bella".

This morning as I was passing the olive mill at the end of the road on my scooter an older gentleman waved me down. I think he has a country house just there.

He came over, said, "Ciao bella" and kissed me on both cheeks, then asked if I remembered him, reminded me who he was , smiling continually, then shook my hand , said "Buona Giornata" ( have a good day) and went back to what he was working on. And I scootered on with a big smile. Who wouldn't be flattered to be called "bella".

What a lovely way to start my day. "Ciao bella" literally means "hi beautiful" and that's the translation I like.

It is a gorgeous day today and I am having a semi -holiday.

Last week I sold 7 paintings and a small sculpture and helped out at a conference in a local hotel over the weekend . Then I have guests coming to stay in my studio for 2 weeks from Friday so will be moving my things out and cleaning for the rest of the week.

So today I am pottering in Pisticci.

Have finally got the hang of the system at the doctors, so been and scootered up there and left details of a prescription I want. No longer do I sit there for 2 hours wondering what is going on . Now I only need to go back after a couple of hours, collect it and its done.

Then I need to go to the post office. Unfortunately the ticket machine is not working and the queue , such as it is, is just too difficult to negotiate so I go have a coffee and come back later. No point in fretting when it's an opportunity for coffee.

When the sun shines like today the streets are so pretty. The pavements in some streets are tiled and they sparkle in the sun. Decide I must bring my camera next time and then stop in at the farmacia.

I don't really want to go back to the studio because its so nice wandering about and then I meet someone who wants me to paint a portrait of a relative and I am reminded that for me , a big part of marketing is just being out and about.

I am so curious about all the people living in these narrow streets. Sometimes I get a glimpse inside and see that there are only stairs leading to an upper floor , sometimes its a little one room house or a workshop, or maybe the kitchen only is on the ground floor and the signora of the house is fit because there are three or four floors in the house but only one room on each.

Been thinking that although I am not an art teacher I could certainly offer accommodation, materials and a tour of limitless painting opportunities. Busy day dreaming about this and how I find the right words to encourage everyone to make a painting they are proud of when I screech to a halt behind a car stopped in the middle of the road while the driver chats to someone sitting outside a bar.

Then I dawdle with rather more attention on to the supermarket and park in the shade. I am quite pleased with myself for remembering to do this simple thing. It is possible , as I have experienced, to get on my scooter and go "Ow Ow OW!!!" because the leather seat is baking. I think it's about 30 degrees today.

Eventually I return slowly to the studio, open both doors and admire the unusual state of tidiness.

Starting the day with "Ciao Bella" should be compulsory!

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