Wednesday, July 13, 2011

while watching varnish dry..........

It's hot and I have no patience. So I am trying to even out varnish on a painting which if I had had any patience I would not have needed to do. I think it is getting better but I want it fixed now!!!

Anyways it is much better to write this than stand over my poor painting and blow on it and fiddle with it until I make it worse again.

It is very hot. It was very hot on sunday when I took part in the first antiques (and me) market in Pisticci this year. I had forgotten how much fun it was to hang out in the piazza , chat to people and occasionally sell something.

I got set up around 8am in stages as I have sold my ape and so needed a help with delivering a table and umbrella. I brought paintings and prints from my studio in two trips on my scooter. (It would have been one trip but I forgot the mounts for some prints so went back for them, got some more paintings and then left the mounts on the table again!) Blame the heat!

By the time it finished I had sold 8 or 9 prints and been given some gorgeous cake, a free pair of earrings, a commission to paint someone's house , watched a small procession, had 2 caffe crema and a prosecco and spoken more italian than I normally do in a week.

Oops , just been touching that painting again.

It's good having my studio back after having guests in it for two weeks. It's so tidy and I am enjoying using the new taps. Previously I had unmatched taps set at different heights.

They worked but looked awful. I spent the last two months painting and tidying and rearranging stuff and buying things like wine glasses , pots and a new cooker and then not using them as I was keeping them just so for visitors. I even bought a new basin for the kitchen sink then painted a seascape to match it. (the one I am messing about with the varnish.)

Now I am getting the benefit of all the work. I have lovely new towels , and a gorgeous wooden cutting board and matching pots and a FAN!

Phew, it really is hot and I never used a fan here before but as people were to be sleeping in the loft space it was neccessary. It's now purring away beside me. Bliss!

Fourth coat of varnish on now. There must be a better way - oh yes, read the instructions, find out how to do it before starting , not half way through.

The painting is going ( If it ever gets fixed) to the cafe in the piazza to replace the one that was sold last night. I have been given a space on the wall and have sold several paintings from there. This one is supposed to be temporary till I do another scene of life in Pisticci.. Then it will be back, if it's not sold ,to hang on the wall and match the basin.

Fifth coat. I will not be beaten!!

Sixth coat!!!

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