Friday, November 4, 2011

olives and changes

This week has been full of people and happenings and now at the end I am left wondering if life may be changing - again!!
More of that another time, meantime need to get this written before I go make scones. I always make scones when I need a little reassurance.
So  to Olives and Olive pickers and what a lovely way to spend a holiday.  Friends of ours who have a house here came to pick their olives and invited relatives and friends to join them so that there were about 12 people all together.
It looked great fun . They picked olives, had lunch and evening meals together, went to the beach in between and ended up with 115 litres of their very own virgin olive oil.
I could write about the process of picking olives but briefly you shake them off the tree using long poles with combs on the end (mechanical in this case). the olives fall onto nets laid round the bottom of the tree. Next you gather up the net with the olives in  and someone ( or someones) take out most of the leaves and twigs
and then pour the olives into a sack. You book a time at the olive mill , take your olives  there and then watch as your olives are crushed and the oil is produced. (until 2 am in the morning if neccessary.)

But its easier to just show  you the photos.


  1. Fantastic!
    As a little girl I spent many fall days helping my parents pick olives. The days were cold, or rainy. By the end of the day, we were exhausted.

    This sharing seems to be the best solution for everyone.

  2. That looks like fun to do with friends and family, not alone. I am interested in your scone recipe, I love scones!

  3. I make scones just like my granny did, without a recipe. I put enough flour in a bowl, add some baking powder, rub in some marge, then mix with milk till its between sticky and flexible. After that I knead the dough briefly , flatten it to about an inch deep and cut into triangular pieces. ( I don't have a round scone cutter at the minute.) I often put raisins etc in before I add the milk. Mostly they turn out well. sorry cant be more specific as don't have scales either. very therapeutic though. Always makes me think of my mother standing at the kitchen table when I was little.