Saturday, February 4, 2012

walked for miles and still no chocolate!!

this is the pink brick road that goes almost vertically up.

figs of india ,still growing in february

Signs of spring

stopped to take a breather and admire the view.

lovely old building  (and the door on the right has a for sale sign)

when I can get to the top of this without being out of breath I will know I am fit!

It looks old, I don't know what it is. pretty stonework.

on way down to superrmarket

this little house is for sale too. you are seeing the top of it as there are 2 floors on the next street.

 my house is over the other side of the hill. and the supermarket is shut!!!

now I need to go up these stairs

lovely scooter.

pretty church

great old ape' and owner

another breather, another view.

the street leading to the big church

nearly home again

back home , lots of exercise, no chocolate.

this was taken this morning. wind from siberia is not visible!
I set out to go for a walk  because it was too cold inside and the sun had come out briefly after a very cold morning. . When  I got to the top of the hill I decided I would go to the only supermarket that stays open all day  and get some chocolate. I like a walk with a purpose, and the supermarket was some distance away.
On arriving It was shut! It was not only me who had been caught out, but I was the only person who had just walked for 30 minutes to get there!
However I had my camera,  so strolled back and caught the owner of the ape just about to get into it. He told me to take the photo! So I did. I love ape's.
Now am feeling very virtuous , and found some more chocolate in the cupboard so all's well.


  1. Sounds as if, since you have a nice and attractive postman, you should subscribe to a chocolate club! Then he could be at your doorstep every week with the stuff.....Of course you will have to research that, if there is such a thing. Sounds like a good idea to me!

  2. Molto Brava Anne.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Your enthusiasm is contagious, you make me wish to live in a little village in Southern Italy instead of a medium town in the far north east of Italy!

  4. I am calling by to thankyou for becoming a recent follower of News From Italy, I hope you will continue to find it of interest. I am following you so I can get to know about your little piece of Italy as well. Thoroughly enjoyed my virtual stroll, your village looks charming.