Saturday, August 18, 2012

Out every night till 2am - film festival and feste 2012

The last official day of the feste was yesterday, but there are still events for at least the next three days, so will get to continue to practise my new skill of staying up till 2am.
What a wonderful month it has been. There has been virtually no rain since June and the temperatures have been above 30c every day (including some days at 45c) so a lot of things happen in the evenings when it is cooler.
August began with fireworks, bells and a brass band at 6am not counting the all night party held round the corner.
Then there was my very first exhibition in Pisticci on the 7th and 8th of August . ( )
And immediately after that the lucania film festival began with 4 days of films from all over the world. This year's special guest was award winning film director Emir Kusturica who spoke about film making to the many film makers from various countries who had come to Pisticci to compete for various prizes and also have a great time meeting people and no doubt enjoying Pisticci in the sun shine. I watched several feature length films, including  one directed by Emir Kusturica called , Black Cat, White Cat. I have ordered a copy with english subtitles as it was dubbed in Italian but was so funny I want to know what i missed. I have never seen anything like it, but would reccomend it . I also loved a film called Father ,Son and Holy Cow.I don't know who made it.
The finale of the film festival was a concert by Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra which was absolutely amazing. Teaching the Pisticcese to swear in english was only one of the many things that happened along with the music. It was great all round entertainment  with a Serbian flavour. You can find  short extracts from other concerts on youtube but you just had to be there in an open air arena with 4000 people all shouting "Fuck you MTV " jumping up and down, laughing, dancing and singing.. Indescribable!!
After that, a hard act to follow, there has been three days of Feste. That includes, processions, brass bands , horses, fireworks, bells, market stalls, thousands of people and at least three different entertainments on every night, from traditional plays, dancing and singing, rock singers, sixties group, accordion group and finally a burlesque performance. (Very funny)
I will have missed out lots but it was almost impossible to go to everything - though i did try! Tonight I am going to another traditional event, tomorrow night there is an italian film night , organised by the film festival and on tuesday night , I think , a classical evening. whew!!
I am the one with the camera and the strange expression.

The feste is best described in photos, though they don't do justice to the incredible noise of people talking and shouting, competing outdoor concerts  and finally fireworks.

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