Monday, March 3, 2014

March already....better get organised for summer then...

It feels like I am waking up from hibernation. Today I opened both windows above my doors - with the aid of a hammer and a screwdriver - and let the air in to my studio. I lasted about 2 hours until I was so cold I was having difficulty feeling my hands. But it's a start. My studio is a bit humid- I have a humidifier which tells me that I am only about 15 somethings above the maximum level of whatever. This is good , as when I bought it I was 35 above. It makes me feel that at least I am not imagining that it is cold.
Outside, despite it being February it has been lovely with temperatures reaching 20C on a regular basis.
It's hard to believe that it is only the beginning of March .
This year my new year's resolution, incase I have not already mentioned it, is to be more expansive.( Only I know what that really means , so no one other than me can really say at the end of the year whether I have achieved it or not!)
However in the spirit of er expansiveness - getting about a bit- I went to florence to cheer myself up in February. It is the second time I have been and it was lovely. I was so inspired by the colours in some of the old cafes and bars that I am half way through adding colour to the walls of my studio. Previously it has been all white- in the er spirit of practicalness!
I am still going to yoga class and enjoying it very much. Now that I get the bus every time there I am thinking (expansiveness) about seeing where else I can go on the bus. It is not as easy as it sounds as there are no timetables. What is on the internet is not neccessarily what is available , so it is only by going to the bus station and asking whoever is hanging around  what times there are buses to wherever that it's possible to make a plan. I am considering visiting Tursi where there is a very interesting old area. It would take me about an hour and a half on my scooter or possibly 3 hours on two buses. (About 35 minutes in a car). So far have not got further than considering it.......
I am looking forward to warmer weather and feeling like going out for strolls round Pisticci. Once I am inside and semi warm I tend to stay in. It didnt help that my door  got about an inch bigger and slightly curved due to all the damp and I could barely open and shut it. It has now had the extra inch removed so there will be plenty of ventilation in the summer when it has shrunk again.
I have been still getting a regular stream of commissions, mostly portraits but also have recently finished painting three washboards which was interesting to do.
I have felt a bit shut in these last few months and it will make a big difference when I start to open my studio door every day.
This week it's Carnevale and tomorrow I think there is a parade. I have to go and take my camera as I promised two girls that I would take their photos and draw them.
This year I am hoping to learn  to speak better Italian - that would definitely help me be more expansive- but am not confident that I will manage to achieve this unless I get out more and spend more time with people. Actually that sounds like quite a good idea- in the spirit of expansiveness............
some of my flowers bloomed all winter

the sea at the weekend

Piazza San Rocco in the sunshine

coffee outside

Pisticci at night

view from hotel roof terrace in florence

I just liked this photo of part of the duomo

me wearing a velvet jacket in february (in florence)

my lovely colourful studio

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