Sunday, June 15, 2014

my old black sun hat.

Since I last wrote on this blog I have been to Scotland and back- involving  a lot of time spent on trains and buses and planes......
And now  I am back to the reality of life in Pisticci.....and painting....and my new little house restoration.. and warm weather....and needing to sell some paintings.
So I have brought my old black sun hat down from the attic, washed it, ( not the best idea I ever had), and decided that it will be my symbol for the summer.
The first time I remember wearing it was when I went to Kos on holiday by myself. It was the first time I had ever been away on a holiday alone and I don't think I spoke to anyone  the whole time other than in shops . But I was very proud of my self for being so brave. I had a  bikini to match my hat and felt like  the mysterious lady in black. (always had a good imagination)
This summer I have a lot of plans needing a certain amount of bravery and sometimes I find a symbol helps. Also its very hot, I want to paint outside and have 50 euros to last me to the end of the month.
I have managed eventually to get a photo of me wearing this - rather more floppy than it was before I washed it- hat.
I had a plan to paint my way round Pisticci and have been finding reasons not to begin but now that I am the artist with the black hat  ......mmmm..... think that may just tip the balance.
Then I am the person setting up an artist's retreat (artists, writers,musicians, film makers, whatever..) I think a floppy black hat might lend a little credence to the role.
I have a strange kind of existence here where I am not really part of anything but on the fringe.Perhaps a mildly mysterious lady in black would suit ..... have a gorgeous long swirly black gypsy type that would be a step too far.
And its hot - my hair colour is not exactly natural and am afraid of it turning green in the sun.
So now I have no excuse for  not getting on with the summer in Pisticci.
Have included a few photos taken in the last two weeks when the weather has been great , been out for lots of walks, coffees, ice cream, a trip to Matera and been enjoying my flowers.
sunny evening in via custoza

awfully proud of my flowers.

my symbolic black hat

sassi in Matera

view from end of my street towards the town.

great reflections


sassi - matera

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  1. Love the photos, we have rain today here in France. It can feel too hot to paint and the garden seems to demand so much attention watering and planting. Love the photos of the townscape i am a little envious of your proximity to cafés and squares with bells. Hope you sell something soon. Have a lovely week.