Wednesday, August 6, 2014

work in progress

The work on my little house is mow finished except for a few little details .
I am very, very pleased with it.
Now I need to find some furniture and I expect it to be usable from October onwards or perhaps before.
It feels like a work of art. I keep stopping by and just looking.
I want to furnish it with local furniture that will blend in and not take away from the nice sense of space which there is just now.
My plan is to make it somewhere restful and inspiring where people can take time, explore the area and explore their creativity.
I am hoping that the house will only be part of the total Pisticci experience .
Frankly I could ramble on for ages about what people may or may not get out of being here but really you need to try it. There is no other way.
If you are interested in finding out more, then contact me  at  Or text me  on 00393201483626  and I have whatsapp. I have envisaged mainly artists staying here- or musicians , writers- but if you think you would benefit from some time in Pisticci then get in touch. Am planning on organising dates starting in october.
my artist's house is the middle one. the one with the green door is being restored and is for sale.

the artist's house

I love the exposed stones. its like history in stone and brick.

planning to add shelves  and finish off the kitchen area

am so pleased to have an arch.

this is so pretty

this is so old

shower room

view from the back

view from outside. that is actually the sea in the distance. (about 25 mins in a car)

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