Monday, March 30, 2015

a dayful of feelings......

Got up this morning feeling a bit down. No particular reason  I could think of. Didn't have too much to drink the previous evening and had several things organised for the day ahead.
I have found from experience that  the best way to deal with mornings like this is 1. ignore  feelings and  2. do what I feel like as far as possible.
So after breakfast I went out on my scooter to pick up a prescription at the docs. That was my first try. no sign of doctor or prescription.
Went for a coffee.
Back to doctor's. Still no sign of doctor.
Went to hardware shop and bought some paint brushes
Back to doctor's. Waiting room full- no sign of prescriptions which are usually left lying on the table, but the doctor was in her room - with a patient.
Waited another 5 minutes and a good friend came in and we had a nice chat. Decided I would phone and find out about my prescriptions later - but thought it had been worth the effort to meet my friend.
Scootered back to house and met friend to discuss electrics in my new house . Found out all I needed to do was plug in an extension ......DOH!!!!  (Temporary measure but quite ok for the time being.)
Back to studio and had substantial lunch to prepare me for an afternoon of cleaning and painting..... aha  reason for feeling low perhaps......
Then off to artist's retreat to paint ceiling - nothing as simple as flat ceiling but pitched roof with rafters. However thanks to my new sleeping area/upstairs I was able to reach much more of it with a paintbrush and only had to use the extending handle for the middle. It wasn't as bad a job as I had imagined but my dear little house still looked pretty rough when I had finished so I thought i would make a start on putting the furniture back.
It was complicated . In fact it's too complicated to explain  but it had to do with beds and bathroom ceilings.
While standing there wondering what to do one of my neighbours looked in, then another and soon there was an animated discussion going on about where to put what  in which I got the occasional word. But I was offered a coffee and I figured I needed one as I was getting nowhere.
Along with the coffee I got some inspired advice from my neighbour and he offered to help.
What a transformation. To have someone help was great but to have someone who was really good at  arranging interiors - like an artist was downright brilliant.  Halfway through this process we were further inspired by a very nice glass of wine.
I was so relieved and happy and in fact almost emotional. I had secretly been worried that by adding the upstairs I had spoiled the look and the atmosphere and the dimensions of my little house but thanks to Luca It looks amazing. But even more so the few paintings I had there are now displayed in a way that makes me feel proud to be the artist, I didn't know they could look so good.
I think now that it looks even better than before.
By this time I was late for meeting friends for pizza and now its well after 11pm ( late for me) but I have written this  cause I said I would....yawn .... and a few more yawns will surely take it to 500 words.......zzzzzzzzzzzz

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