Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's July and it's very warm in Pisticci.......

It seems like a long time since I went on my "forget my birthday" holiday.
It worked in a way that I didn't expect and I came back feeling - not old,  and have continued to feel like a sort of young older person. Also I have been deciding what I might do in the next ten years - or at least what I want to do now and not put off.
This has pretty much resulted in  me going round in circles and doing very little.
I am doing a project on twitter to motivate myself and I am trying out a sort of colourist style. And my artist's retreat has been keeping me busy. I have so enjoyed meeting lots of interesting people. But am a little lacking in direction.
And summer is definitely here. I think it has been in the mid thirties centigrade for the last while and is rumoured to be going to be even hotter next week.
I have not been to the beach - but I did sunbathe for half an hour on someone's roof.
However going round in circles is not conducive to writing anything interesting so decided to go out for a walk and take some photos..And while I was out I said "good evening/ buona sera" to quite a few people and then sat on a doorstep with some lovely people and ate ice cream and heard how to cook strange vegetables and pasta  and remembered why I love living here.

some photos of latest work and my walk in the dark......

am very pleased with the oleanders by my door

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