Monday, April 11, 2016

Mini Malta blog

Have not tried blogging using my phone before. Could really do with a screen twice this size.
Anyways, I am in Malta doing a detour on way to Scotland as it was a very cheap flight.
I am staying in a gorgeous house in a lovely Street and my airbnb host could not be nicer.
Today I went to Valletta on the local bus and wandered around for while. I made sure to keep the  main street in view as didn't want to get lost. It was very pretty.I would go back.
After coming back to the house and falling asleep I thought going for a walk before dark would be good so I strode off purposefully  and got lost. I retraced my steps and was still lost so managed to find a bus with a name I recognised on it and found my way back.I still  don't understand  how I got so confused.
So sitting having a glass of wine writing this and feeling very lucky.
Can't quite work out how to add photos from my phone.......

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