Friday, November 26, 2010

end of the summer

been way too busy to write here all summer as i surprisingly sold about 60 paintings averaging about 30 euros each. since then all my transport has broken down so after getting scooter fixed and ape' fixed am now penniless ( more or less again). thanks to my good neighbour angela i wouldnt starve as most days she delivers food from on high, ( her balcony above) by means of string and a carrier bag , but it would be comforting to have a regular income of some sort.
this week i am working on a portrait from a great photo of a really pretty girl with lots of swirly hair and what a treat that is being. am also painting a second larger painting of a view of the village which was commisioned so i will get paid.
once i work out how to put photos on this i will display what i have been painting as well as anything else i think might be interesting, but not portraits cause they are personal.
i spend a lot of time in my studio alone so am partly writing this so that i have to go out to find interesting things to write about and not turn into a strange lonely wild eyed artist, well perhaps not that bad, but have heard on the radio that if you dont get out and meet people on a regular basis then you may get ill. its something about hormones or similar that you cant get from a computer. and i would like to be healthy as far as possible. also have noticed that just walking up the street and saying ciao and buon giorno to people really makes me feel good. also to touch on "my life as a story" i love being called signora. its so very not scottish and rather romantic and interesting, which is what i have always dreamt of being but never really thought i would acheive. but now i must go finish these paintings so that i can get paid. it may be true that money does not buy you happiness but not having enough matters.

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