Tuesday, November 30, 2010

drat that fly!

you wouldnt think that you would get flies here in november but as angela was standing in the doorway telling me the latest gossip about her family ( which i am sorry to say i only understand part of- like the part where she makes a gun with her hand, points it at me and goes "bang". ) a big black fly flew in the door. all summer everyone has net curtains hanging across the doorways to keep flies out , but now my one is tied in a large knot out of the way and so that it doesnt get tangled up with the electric cables in high winds.

so now having chased this fly all over the studio, after taking ten mins to find my fly swatter i am hiding in my office with the door shut.

just opened the door to peer out and its in here again. can flies be suicidal ? or am i just attractive to them?

now i am trying to ignore it. but its hard to ignore that nasty buzzing noise.

today was market day in the village so there were lots of people about and lots of noise. i have finished my present commissions so am trying to decide what to do next. do i make lots of little paintings and hope people will buy them for christmas presents or make a few bigger ones, more expensive , or do something completely different.

i find that plans are good for giving an illusion of control and industry but here they rarely work out in the way i expect. but must go create some illusions . ( got that fly!!)

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