Sunday, December 12, 2010


i am not certain that bounceability is a really good thing and am not sure if i caught it in italy or if it was always dormant in me and just started to take me over.

i have been noticing it in the last few years and this weekend was a classic example.

i was " doing the pisticci market" . that is spending two days in the piazza trying to sell pictures( and there it is , the bouceability bug) because immediately i wrote that into my head popped " you werent just trying to sell pictures ! you were having a wonderful time in gorgeous surroundings -true- being complimented on your work- true- doing something that people , including yourself , would only dream of-true so what's your problem?

but i was trying to sell pictures because i need the money and this is my main outlet. its where i meet people and get known and get commissions.

( and there it goes again byoing! , but you sold 6 pictures, hurray and got commissions for 4 more . brilliant!)

hope this is not too confusing but there is a point.

but i only made 120 euros , not counting another 60 for 3 small commissions. (byoing! thats great, you re getting known and getting more work and if you had just painted more paintings of pisticci you would have sold more.)

but i gave away two paintings. one to someone who asked , its complicated, this is italy, odd things happen here. the other one was to help clinch a deal for someone else. it worked

( byiong! karma, give and you will receive ........)

but actually i felt like a complete twit. i cant afford to give away pictures.

byoing! but you got lots of goodwill and possible free advertising and other things. its marketing!

then it rained and i went home early and i didnt sell the big one i wanted to and i got annoyed with my partner cause he sold more than me and it was his first time.

byiong ! but you never know what will happen next and you might get lots more commissions and the people who you gave the painting to as part of a deal have invited you for lunch any time and they are really nice people . and your painting s didnt get very wet did they?

so that s the problem, the bounceability. what actually happened this weekend?

did i have a wonderful time in a gorgeous place, meet lovely people and sell 6 paintings and get 4 commissions or did i spend 27 hours (6 of them really cold) and the last 3 in the rain to earn 120 euros selling work that took me probably at least 2 full weeks to create and finish up by falling out with blank blank because he sold one thing for three times as much. and not forgetting the 2 paintings i gave away ( worth 70 euros) . am i nuts!!!!!!

byiong!! or am i just beautifully crazy, very lucky to be here and it ll all work out eventually.

any helpful comments will be considered. ( sold this painting)

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  1. I am writing to you about your painting of Pisticci. Could you please send me your email address? thank-you!