Thursday, January 26, 2012

30 days in pisticci, part one

I am feeling a bit guilty about not writing  in this blog, but I have another bit of work going on just now which is taking up some time. . I am enjoying living in my studio and tomorrow it will be the end of my first week
I love being my own boss. I am in charge of the heating. So I am warm and no one is there to complain. I have some little routines, like making a coffee for my self and then working on my other project first thing in the morning. I bought a coffee grinder and am making my own peanut butter. Yum!

I have discovered how much I need to get out and see people and how little I miss the TV. ( that has surprised me) I love living in this area . I have always wondered what it would be like to be a person who lived in Dirupo and now I am having a taste of it. It would admittedly be very different in the summer and a lot more  friendly with people sitting outside in the streets chatting, but I am here. now.
I have not so far been as sociable as I had planned or done remotely as much work but I  should have time.
I have coped with my phone not working from the day I arrived . And the times when I am tired and feel very alone.
But most of the time I feel like I have been given a gift  and I dont intend to waste it.
So this week I am picking some photos  to post which I have taken recently, out on walks and around my studio , and one of my door, which is now stripped of parcel tape , painted white(ish) and resealed with masking tape.
And Teddy says "hello".

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