Wednesday, February 20, 2013

carnevale and staying in studio

As usual I would have missed Carnevale this year if it hadnt been postponed due to bad weather and there were lots of notices on facebook giving the revised date. There had been no notices announcing the original date. Then I would have missed it because it rained a bit on the revised date and although I went into town, hung about and had a lovely cup of tea and plate of biscuits in the grand cafe malena .(recommended) there was no sign of a parade though I saw some children dressed up. So returning to my studio I put the heater on and had just got settled when I heard some very loud music.
Grabbing my camera, purse and an umbrella I headed back into town and found a big party going on in the corsa. There were several floats towed by tractors and lots of people in costume dancing and milling about. the noise was incredible. 
I hung about taking photos where I could  enjoying the atmosphere and wishing I was part of it. Saw lots of people I knew and have photos to use as reference for my next painting and a possible commission  for a portrait. It seems to be at the moment that just being about is my best marketing strategy.
I am enjoying staying in the studio - even though it is cold- as I find my Italian improves as I have the opportunity to talk to more people, I would have  missed the Carnevale, if I had been in the country and I love walking into town in the mornings - and sometimes the evenings for a coffee or tea and a chat. 

I like being among people. I think my hibernation in the country is coming to an end.

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