Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Is it spring? (or 2 cappuccinos?)

Oh what a beautiful morning!
It's the first time I have been properly back in Pisticci for what feels like months.
I thought I would go for a walk in the sunshine, do a few errands and get some breakfast.
It was gorgeous. I went for a coffee and discovered I have sold another painting from Cafe Vladimiro. Hurray!
Then I sat in the piazza and tried out my kindle. did not appear to be wifi. there. So investigated the Night and Day cafe- who do have wifi, but as I dont know how to make capital letters with my kindle yet I could not connect. But that might be fun in the future sitting in a nice cafe , ordering books online.
After that I just had to buy two little pansy plants. Passing ACT CIRCUS I felt a bit sorry that I have not been to any concerts there or even dropped in for months. The sad truth being I can't stay awake so late in the winter. (roll on summer)
Completely forgot -in all the excitement of being back- to buy any food so am a little "high" on 2 cappuccinos, blue skies and general loveliness.

But I think my photos speak better than I do. ( the painting is a scottish scene from last week when I was there.)

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