Monday, August 5, 2013

Can't Sketch Because My Legs Are Too White.......

I miss my blog. I don't know if anyone else does too ,but I used to look forward to writing it and it really added to my life because I thought I sounded so interesting and funny and so many odd and delightful things happened to me and around me that I could easily believe I was living a story.
But in the last few months I have been so busy and stressed with house selling that it feels like I was degenerating into a sort of tour guide - quick little extracts of life with photos. Was ok , but not what I intended to do when I started writing.
My blog is for me as much as anyone else. It is supposed to be a sort of chatty, diary, CV, photo album, autobiography and entertainment.
So, to get on with it all........
Today-  the 5th of August and its holiday time here. Was woken up at 6am on the first of the month by fireworks  followed by a brass band. I think its a lovely way to start the month. (Somebody told me that the fireworks used to be to remind debtors to pay up but now its about" the party has begun."). I would have been slightly more enthusiastic about the fireworks had I not been out at a jazz night at Casa Elizia the previous night.Jazz in the street- brilliant!
But back to today and I was up early to go meet someone in the piazza to arrange a commission. (I thought) So off I go and arrive at the cafe where I am to meet the client and it was another Italian moment. The story-
view every sunny morning

lights ready to be switched on

so pleased with this painting

my colourful little gallery

special summer painting

sun shining in my studio
I was to complete painting for client for 4th august and meet in cafe.. emailed client with photo of said painting. phone call from cafe - meet 8.30am monday for new commission. got reply to email -cant meet 4th- meet 11th instead.
So when asked where was the painting ...................!!!
All sorted now. Have been paid and as for the new commission- don't know what happened to it.
Having had hardly any sleep last night . Sleeping is not one of my skills. I came back to the studio and decided I would go out again and start the day properly and even take my sketch pad with me. I set off on my scooter to go to the cafe where I have been invited to go and sketch any time I like, parked in town , glanced down at my legs sticking out from my flowery shorts and decided on the spot that I could not possibly sketch in public with these legs. So am back here - and strangely my white legs have reminded me of who I am and what I am doing here.
I have not got a tan because I have been too busy painting commissions to go to the beach. I have had lots of work and various deadlines to meet. It is great- I love painting and I have so many ideas that I would need to live  for a long time and have twice as much energy to do everything I want to do.
And I am still a little shy about painting or drawing in public. It is why I like to work from photos in private.
However I will apply some fake tan, go to the beach and have another go at sketching in  the piazza. And I will write about it in my blog next time just you wait and see................

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