Tuesday, August 27, 2013

summer, sketching in piazza, exhibition on the beach....

It has been an interesting and busy August . I went to the beach several times and my legs are not so white any longer. I sketched in the piazza twice and plan to do more of it and I had a brilliant time at the Lido Natura one evening  taking part in an exhibition.
This year has been the first time we went to a bar and hired sunbeds and an umbrella. Oh what luxury- no staggering down to the sea carrying chairs, umbrella and a whole lot of other "neccessary" things and then tying the umbrella down as it was wont to blow over regularly - oh no, not this time. Just  a short stroll  down a proper path to the bar, pay for the sunbeds, umbrella and- very important - use of toilets and showers , and relax. It was nice to sit in the lounge area and have a coffee and cornetto and look at the sea and then find our umbrella all set up with a nice little table.
Then just lying about people watching with the occasional stroll along the waters edge and another diet coke with a small measure of rum. Am not used to such luxury. It was bliss!
This year for the first time ever I was at the beach on feragosto with everybody else.
And obviously as I now had cream coloured legs - instead of white- I also did some sketching in the piazza.It helped that I bought a lovely old document case which I used to keep my sketch pad and paints in.  The first time I was quite self conscious , but the second time I just got on with it. I would like to draw more people so maybe if I get really brave I will get some people to pose.......
one of the highlights of my summer was being part of an evening of art, poetry and music on the beach at the Lido Natura. I was invited  to read a poem in english and bring along some paintings. What a gorgeous evening. I just kept looking around thinking "I can't believe I am doing this". It was unforgetable. I am only sorry I couldn't spend some days there lazing on the beach - next year I will.
This seems like such a brief description of a busy summer which included the feste, the film festival, various concerts and so much more but sometimes photos are better than words.....
summer scootering fashion

lido natura

evening of poetry, art and music, lido natura

crowds at concert, piazza lombardy

watching a film at film festival

looking out from the lounge at the beach bar

crowds and lights at feste

view from sunbed before it got busy

second time sketching
colours of summer in pisticci- this is one of my favourite photos this summer

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