Thursday, September 12, 2013

My lovely day......

I was a little worried that with August over it would be all downhill to winter. But no. I have had so many great little happenings that I have not had time to write.
Yesterday, for instance.
Got up at 6.30am and am still managing to fit in my 5 minutes of yoga before breakfast.( Any more than 5 mins and I would just find excuses not to do it.)
After breakfast I got to work on my latest commission which is a portrait of a couple and is gift for an anniversary. I love being able to make gifts for people.
After an hour or so decided that i needed more exercise so I strolled up town through some of the smaller streets- avoiding one particular set of steps which I hate.Not sure if strolling counts as exercise , but there is so much to see on the way.
As it was Thursday then it was coffee with a friend morning and this morning we were pleased to have another new friend who has been staying in Pisticci for several months. We also had cakes/dolce.
Sitting outside chatting, drinking cappucino, eating cakes and greeting people passing by - nice way to pass an hour.
 Being invited to new friend's house we strolled off down the corsa and greeted a few more people. (Greeting people and being greeted is one of the things I like best about living here.)
There are a lot of pretty houses in Pisticci but the one we went to was so lovely with terracotta tiled floors (original) lots of dark wood, arched brick ceilings, - I could go on and on about the beautiful old furniture and all the little interesting little nooks and crannies and not forgetting the view...........
So there we were , sitting at the table surrounded by all this loveliness, looking out the open balcony door at a view of hills and mountains, drinking a small glass of prosecco.
After that I had to rush in a leisurely fashion home as Nella had shouted down to me as I was leaving that she was making pasta con panna and funghi for lunch.
. (that is pasta with cream and mushrooms). Was delicious!)
By this time I was needing a siesta - all this enjoying myself had been a little tiring- and of course the exercise.
Lying on my bed reading my latest book on Kindle was a nice way to pass an hour.
The afternoon was filled with bits and pieces- Nella dropped by for a chat, I worked on my portrait for a couple of hours.
Then it was 5pm and I started on my #paintseptember project for the day. So far I have completed a painting or drawing every day. I am enjoying seeing what I can do in a day and trying new things. I think I was inspired by the cakes of the morning and had a photo on my phone of a coffee cup, glass of water and a sweet in a dish.  That sounded like a challenge. I decided that my aim - apart from making look like what it was- would be to make it look delicious. I finished just after 8pm - and was very pleased with it.
That only left a few hours of my lovely day to spend some time on twitter, a bit of dvd watching  and then off to bed. Definitely a 4* day.              ( all my paintings for #paintingseptember are going on )

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  1. Lovely! Sweet on your painting and photo made me hungry for them. I have just had a breakfast!