Saturday, March 28, 2015

whoopee... another booking in artist's retreat.......

Funny how something can completely change the way you are feeling- or at least that happens with me. It has been , shall we say, a challenging week.
My artist's retreat , ( a little house I bought and am hoping to encourage artists, writers and anyone who wants some time out  to use.) has been getting  a sleeping area put in. It is a one roomed house like a lot of the houses here and I thought that it would make good use of the space to add an upstairs and put the bed there - leaving more room for living in the downstairs. It was a big decision as I really liked the high ceiling and the space there was.
However , although it is not quite finished and its difficult to imagine it downstairs while all my furniture is piled in a heap at the back, the upstairs is beautiful. I think  with a bit of judicious arranging of the bed that there will be room to sit upstairs and in fact if I was living there I would be painting upstairs. There is a cute little window with views across the  rooftops to the sea. The wall was stripped back to the stone and I can easily imagine sitting up there reading or writing or painting.
Like any work it has been a bit stressful with a few unexpected problems needing dealt with. These are all  fixed now I hope.  However until it is completely finished I won't know exactly how it is going to work out and what might need changed. I have measured where I think the bed might fit but frankly have no confidence in my measuring. I usually need to actually put something somewhere to see if it will work. My next guest should arrive in about a week so I will be busy.
Then I have also been struggling to come up with an idea for a painting for an exhibition in the summer. I am not too keen on the theme but I would like to be in the exhibition so have spent ages on the computer this morning researching the subject and getting more and more fed up.
I want also to paint a picture to fit in the space above the door in my artist's retreat- this will solve one of the unexpected problems I hope , but I have no canvases or wood to fit the space. Once I had measured it I thought I would just hunt around in my studio and find a large board I could cut to size - but I don't have anything big enough. This would not be a problem if I had a car but large boards and buses don't go well together.
So I had a break.  Got on with reading the next Inspector Montalbano book and had a cup of tea.
Then my phone beeped - and I have another booking. for my retreat!
What a mood lifter!
I went back on the computer and found an image I hadn't noticed  before which I can use part of to start building up a composition.
And it's now occurred to me that I could get the man in the hardware shop to cut a bit of wood for me or sell me some hardboard which I can cut myself. (I can easily carry it through the town)
All sorted then for today .... and that should be about 500 words I think....

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