Wednesday, December 1, 2010

life may be a little boring without my ape'

yesterday was a flattening sort of day. got my ego a little bruised. maybe artists are just a bit more easily cast down
so was feeling a bit flat. set off for home in my ape telling my self that tomorrow would be better and after a glass of wine everything will be better. it was before dark ( lights not working again. so there i am rattling along, literally , up and down and round the hair pin bends when i began to notice that the engine was losing power. my usual reaction to that sort of thing happening is to think i must be imagining it but as i was at the bottom of a very steep and winding hill i pulled in to a layby just to check it out. ( last week i got stuck half way up the hill in a violent rainstorm and couldnt get out because i wasnt sure the brakes would hold and i would run backwards into the middle of the road.)

so i went back and forwards in the layby and sure enough there was something wrong. i considered getting out and kicking it and and then thought about just sitting there and crying cause someone didnt like my painting and now my ape was broken again. but decided against these options , as one i once kicked someTHING out of frustration and got an ingrown toenail and bruised foot, and crying in an ape just didnt seem very intrepid.

so having phoned my personal rescue service, to whom i am well known, i got out to see if anything obvious had fallen off this time. i considered that maybe i had run out of petrol, so filled the tank up from my spare can. no, no change.

then i looked underneath and this time i noticed a hose thingy had come off its connection. this had happened about a year ago and been fixed.

aha!! so rubbing my hands in a suitably mechanichy, i know what i am doing manner , i pulled out all the stuff in the back till i found a bit of string. and then i tied the two bits together as tight as i could, got in and hurray power returned.

the funny little moral of this story was it wasnt just the ape that got its power back , but me too.

so onwards and upwards.


  1. You go girl! whoop whoop!
    snow and windy here in denmark just now, I am sure it is nicer in the southern parts ;)

    love Veronica

  2. I am so proud of you---Here we say "fixed it with panty hose"---Just imagine how provident that you had a bit of string!

  3. its been a lovely day here and in taranto at the market.
    doesnt everyone carry string, scissors sellotape , measuring tape , torch, umbrella, spanner, plastic sheet, elastoplast, in their handbag?
    so what is the italian for pantyhose? and should i go right out and get a pair to add to all my other useful adjuncts. ( always wanted to use that word)