Wednesday, December 8, 2010


staying in my studio tonight. its another feste. and i have just come back from the fireworks, round the corner. the feste is something to do with the little church above me.

i didnt know i liked fireworks so much till i moved to italy. but there is just something so completely fun about fireworks. its like burning money in a spectacular fashion.

i think that in italy fun and enjoyment are what life is about.

you dont have to earn it first.

i am not very italian in that respect but i am learning that quite often if i go for a coffee and chat i get more work done than if i say i must work first to earn coffee and a chat. i think i am still missing something but maybe if i stay here long enough i will get it.

the fireworks were gorgeous. i stood at the back of the crowd with my hands over my ears and despite the fog it was just so uplifting. ( even more than the glass of wine i had previously)

dirupo, which is part of pisticci, where i have my studio is beautiful even in the fog. its full of little narrow streets and little white houses.( you can find it on the internet if you are interested) it doesnt feel real, but it is. i know a lot of the people who live here and they are real. even if they are dressed all in black.

walking back from town tonight lots of people have christmas lights hung on balconies and someone has a christmas tree outside. it looks like fairyland in the dark. and if you should think that i am exagerating than then look for yourself on the internet or better still come and see.

so glass of wine, fireworks and dirupo. hard to beat.

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