Sunday, December 5, 2010

lingerie and seduction department

i didnt actually go into the lingerie and seduction department in the co in store in taranto. but i did go back to make sure i had read it right. i felt that being in a relationship perhaps i had better not be tempted by some seductive tall dark gorgeous italian.

or have i perhaps got that the wrong way round mmmm!! i was supposed to be doing the seducing??

changing the subject quickly.

what a lovely way to spend a day, sitting outside in the sun shine waiting for people to roll up and buy paintings .

getting up at 5.30am and then setting up a display is ok when its not raining, or when everything is damp cause it was put away wet the previous day . then its just a matter of hanging about and occasionaly refusing to sell things for a quarter of the marked price. out of about 80 paintings i have sold this summer about 2 were sold for the marked price ( and i was so touched by being offered the full price that i had to stop myself offering a discount out of pure gratitude.)

a big part of the reason i am writing this blog is because i need to earn more money. i have worked out that i need around 450 euros a month to survive, that is pay normal bills and eat. so that would equate to selling 2 paintings a week for 50 euros each and a bonus one once a month. i am well capable of creating 9 paintings a month, in fact over the summer i was doing more than that. but on average i was getting 30 euros each painting.

realistically i need to either put my prices up but i think i would then not sell at all, or find a supplementary income. so have decided to go with the second option.

i would be quite happy to teach english as a second language or conversational, but not not ever in a school with a class full of children. italian children are lovely but so confident and talkative that having been in a classroom on several occasions with a teacher there, i would be terrified on my own. ( or alternatively my allotted amount of bravery is all used up by driving and trying to speak italian)

and so my other option is to write riveting blogs , which will also inspire me to get out there and make things happen so i can write about them.

so back to my life as a story . the plot, is will i manage to stay in italy and make a living, how will i do it, will it be fun, will i get a job, will i ever paint something i think is good enough, will i be rescued at the last minute or plod on slowly earning more until i am solvent. will my macchinuccia ever pass its mot, and will i ever go back to taranto and check out the lingerie and seduction department?
( one of the paintings i sold yesterday)

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  1. I also suggest you find Franca Cavarricci, her blogs are excellent. She's the friend with an apartment in Rome.